• Since 2004 I have been involved in the scientific life of the EAPC (former EACPR), by participating actively to the constitution of the Sport Cardiology section.

  • During the first period of my presence (2004-2006), I organized the working groups of the Sport Cardiology Section to the aim to write the first European document for management and eligibility to competitive sports in athletes with cardiovascular abnormalities (Eur Heart J. 2005;26:1422-45). In the same period, I contributed with Domenico Corrado to write the first European document relative to the protocol for cardiovascular screening of competitive athletes (Eur Heart J. 2005; 26:516-24), which represented the trigger for the ongoing scientific debate relative to the strategies for prevention of sudden cardiac death in young athletes.

  • In 2006 I become the Chairman of the Sport Cardiology. I have been actively involved in the scientific life of the Sport Cardiology section by organizing the writing groups for an extended version of the Recommendations for participation in competitive sport and leisure-time physical activity in individuals with cardiac disease, that were published in successive issues of the Eur J Cardiovasc Prev Rehabil. in 2006;

  • After 2008, as past-chairman and still elected Nucleus member, I participated actively to the life of the Sport Cardiology Section, acting as advisor and supporting the major scientific initiatives.

  • Since 2009 as a member of the IOC Medical and Scientific Commission, I had the opportunity to promote and sustain our strategy in cooperation with the EACPR and the IOC organizations. This prompted the large implementation of pre-participation screening and the inclusion of several topics of cardiology in the meetings and courses organized by both the EACPR and IOC.

  • Since 2010 I have participated to the activity of the Science and Guidelines Committee for revision of papers and statement of the sections before their endorsement by the EACPR.

  • Since 2004 I have contributed as Reviewer and as Author to the life of the former EACPR Journal (now European Journal of Preventive Cardiology).

  • In 2011 nominated President-elect of the EACPR

  • In 2012 and 2013 actively involved in the Executive Board meetings and delegations to represent the EACPR. On active preparation for the 2014 position of President of the EACPR.

  • In 2014 I became President of the EACPR. In this role, I have focused on the scientific activity of the EACPR, by promoting position papers in collaboration with the other ESC Associations on Indication and interpretation of imaging techniques in athletes; Prevention of atrial fibrillation in senior athletes; Critical appraisal of the preparticipation CV screening in athletes. I also promoted the first Textbook of Sport Cardiology, edited by the ESC.

  • In 2015 as President I supervised and coordinated the program of Europrevent 2015, the annual congress of the Association. I also coordinated the overall organization and functioning of the Association, contributing to restore the financial balance of the EACPR.

  • In 2016 as President I guided the process of relocation of Europrevent 2016 from Istanbul to the European Heart House and coordinated the revised scientific program. During this period a formal agreement was signed by the industries to support the “Prevention of CV disease” program, which substantially increased the financial assets of the Association.

  • 2014-16. During the overall Presidency period, highly recognized achievements included:

Change of EACPR Mission statement to include Cardiovascular Health, primary and secondary prevention. (May 2015); launch of a new EACPR membership scheme, designed to be both inclusive for the whole cardiovascular community, whilst providing additional benefits and services for each level (Regular, Ivory & Silver); launch of the community of young preventive cardiologists within the EACPR, launch of the “Viviane Conraads” Outstanding Achievement Award for scientists in the field of preventive cardiology.

  • The scientific activity during the Presidency period saw the finalization of relevant papers, including:

6th Joint European Guidelines on CVD Prevention in Clinical Practice (publication in 2016);

  • ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine, 3rd Ed (eventually published in 2018) with two sections. “Sport and the Heart” and “Prevention in CVD and Rehabilitation”;

  • the ESC Textbook of Sports Cardiology, the first comprehensive textbook of Sport Cardiology (eventually published in 2019);

  • Position paper “Pre-participation cardiovascular evaluation for athletic participants to prevent sudden death”, in cooperation with the EHRA (published 2016);

  • Position paper “How to Prevent Atrial Fibrillation” in cooperation with the EHRA (published 2016);

  • Position paper “Indication and interpretation of cardiovascular imaging in the evaluation of athlete’s heart”, in cooperation with the EACVI (eventually published in 2018),

  • 1st Update of the Position paper “EACPR/AHA Joint Scientific Paper Statement, Clinical Recommendation for Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing Data Assessment in Specific Patient Population.

  • September 1st, 2016. I was the organizer and lecturer of the “2nd EACPR course on Sport Cardiology” held in Rome, at the Institute of Sport Medicine and Science.

  • August 30-31, 2017. Organizer and lecturer of the “3d EAPC course on Sport Cardiology” Barcelona.

  • 2018-19. I was an invited Lecturer of the EAPC courses on Sport Cardiology held in the context of the ESC annual meeting
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