Since 1980, I’m a Fellow member of the Italian Federation of Sports Medicine (FMSI), the largest and most accredited professional association of the specialists in Sport Medicine in Italy.

As a Fellow, I have been implicated as lecturer in the National Meetings, or as faculty member in the educational courses that the FMSI organizes periodically in Italy.

In 2008 I became also Member of the Scientific Advisor Committee of the FMSI and, in this context, I had the opportunity to advise the board regarding the strategic activities of the FMSI relative to the implementation of the screening program across Italy and multicenter registry database record, which have been used for epidemiologic investigation (see: Eur Heart J. 2007;28(16):2006-10).

In the subsequent years, I actively participated to the scientific life of the Italian Federation of Sports Medicine, by participating to the educational events and advising Fellows submission of the abstracts.

Specifically, in 2017 I was a co-chair with the president of the FMSI in the revision of the Italian Guidelines for Sport Participation in Athletes with Cardiovascular Diseases (COCIS 2017).

2021-2023. Delegate of the FMSI to revise the Italian Guidelines for Competitive Sport Participation in Athletes with CV Diseases (COCIS 2023).


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